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X-Shade Back Window Car Sun Shade Mesh Screen 39.4x20 Inches with Blind Spot Mirror and Suction Cups

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Are your kids getting overheated in the backseat? Is the sun pouring in from the rear window potentially harming your passengers?

If so, then this is the product that can help!

There's nothing worse than watching than watching your kids squirm and struggle to stay our of the sun while driving, especially when you're stuck in traffic, the temperature's pushing 90 degrees and you're still about 25 miles from home.

And to make matters worse, you told yourself you were going to by a sunshade to help but you ended getting one for the side window, well now the sun is coming from the back and you're back to square one! You can see the kids getting hotter ready to burst into all out tantrums and all you can do is try your best to distract them as you reach for the Aspirin the glove compartment.

The fact you're reading this page means that you know what it's like to feel helpless when you're kids are getting blasted by the sun.

If only you would have gotten your hands on a good rear window sunshade then you wouldn't improvising with towel and air conditioning.

The problem with this temporary fix are obvious. You need something better and more permanent than you depend on to block out the harmful effects of the sun.

That's why we're presenting the X-Shade Rear-Window Sunshade with Blindspot Mirror.

Here at X-Shade we've been helping car owners protect their passengers for over 5 years.

And our Rear-Window Sunshade means that for a low price, you get to keep your kids cooler and happier in the backseat and say goodbye forever to the problem of overheating due to sun exposure in your car.

What sets this X-Shade sunshade apart from cheap sunshades is the attention to detail. Four suction cups that tightly grip the glass and keep the wire frame in place. The nylon mesh fabric blocks out 99% percent of UV rays but doesn't impede your vision. And it's unique fold-away design and carrying pouch ensures that the Rear Window Sunshade only gets in the sun's way and not yours.

And as a special bonus, we're throwing in 2 Blind Sport Mirrors. They affix to your side mirrors and give you multiplies visibility to the rear of your car. This is a gift to that will enhance your safety and be a good line of defense against the occasional fender bender.

Owner of the X-Shade Rear-Window Sunshade and Blind Spot Mirrors enjoy:

* Guaranteed protection from harmful UV rays and sun glare

* Rear-view window protection with no interferecne with visibility

* A cooler car and happier passengers.

Here's what people are saying about our service:

Melanie H from Georgia wrote: "I received my rear window sun shade today and I couldn't be happier with it. It even comes with two blind spot mirrors! I live in southeast Georgia where the sun is always shining and it quickly heats up a parked vehicle. The four suction cups hold the sun shade on my back window and it helps to keep out the glaring sun and the heat. Great value! I recommend this to anyone that wants to keep the direct sun out of the backseat."


With so many helpful features and glowing reviews, you may be wondering whether the low price you see listed on this page is accurate.

And that's understandable given that most people tend to over-spend on car accessories simply out of a lack of a better option.

However, we started X-Shade to give people that better option and provide a better over-all product and experience at a greater value. The Rear-Window Sunshield is a perfect example of there principles in action.

So if you've had enough of harmful sun rays cramping your style and you're ready to keep your car cooler then just click the "Add to Cart" button now.

And you'll be glad to know that all X-Shade products com with our 100% Rock Solid, money back guarantee.

If you don't LOVE the Rear-Window Sunshade, for whatever reason, all you have to do is shoot us a quick email and I'll immediately refund every cent.

The reality is you can have a permanent solution to unwanted sun glare from the rear window without having to resort to makeshift towels, sheets or magazine for protection. You can finally be rid of your overheated car, whether parked or driving, get back to driving smoothly and safely.

At X-Shade, we're in the business of making our customers happy. We love our cars and driving and we're based in South Florida we now exactly what it takes to make a good sunshade.

Just imagine how you'll feel when the sun comes pouring into the car on an afternoon drive, your kids start expressing their unhappiness and you have the answer, and in a neat and handy carrying pouch too. Also, picture coming back to a cooler car after a day in the sun when both windshield and rear window protected.

So grab your Rear Window Sunshade today AND get your blind spot mirrors today. Experience the X-Shade difference.




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Rear Window Shade




1 rear shade; 4 suction cup; 2 blind spot mirror


0.3 ounces




6.7 x 5 x 1.2 inches





  • High quality mesh fabric design that sticks well on your car rear window for maximum protection
  • Sunshade fits most back car window and Guaranteed to protect us from harmful UV rays and sun glares
  • Rear window shades offers visibility, Lightweight construction for easy folding and storage
  • Quick, Easy & Simple to use car sun shades! Totally convenient! Pop-open instantly when needed.
  • Don't waste your time looking for other back window sun shade. BUY FROM X-Shade! The Leader in car sun shades!

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