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About Us

X-Shade is a company started by a couple of friends who have a passion for car accessories and who wanted to provide great products at affordable prices

Are you tired of spending your hard earned money on cheap car accessories that never last?

We've been working a long time on creating premium quality car sunshades and accessories, with the best dollar-for-dollar value, online or anywhere else.That’s why we founded X-Shade, to create a car accessories company with integrity; one that stands by its products and gives customers an enhanced e-commerce experience.

We know you don’t want to spend hours shopping for your car. You just want everything to work when and how it’s supposed to, so you can get on with the truly important things in life.

Welcome! that’s exactly what we’re here for.

X-Shade is also committed to enhancing safety throughout the country by contributing to worthy causes that focus on prevention and education.


X-Shade began when we noticed an unfair situation in the car accessories market, call it a steep curve between price and quality. Translation: It was dang near impossible to purchase quality accessories without over-paying.

We realized that, as a result of this, manufacturers and marketers were getting rich while the average consumer was stuck on the wrong side of a losing proposition. 

A number of sleepless nights and a few strokes of fate later, X-Shade was born.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work making the BEST QUALITY car shades for the best price on the market.we focus on providing the most value to consumers, dollar for dollar. Actually, it’s sort of become an obsession.

From the outset,  we also knew that we wanted to create the friendliest and most accessible e-commerce auto accessories shop on the web. The last thing we want to do is confuse online customers. We want you to be well informed and empowered to make good buying decisions.


We’re now based in Miami, Florida. Our team is made up of enthusiastic and talented people from various places backgrounds who share at least one common goal:

Give X-Shade customers the best.

We have a collaborative and open company culture that encourages input from all levels and departments. Everyone is free to contribute their knowledge and experience so that we constantly grow as a team and a community.


At X-Shade, we like to think out of the box to bring you true value. We fuse the most competitive combination of materials, design and technologies to build our select line of products. Our team tests the products on our own vehicles and apply in-house modifications on certain products as necessary.

Our products are designed with the precision and durability to match the real conditions of driving. We’re family people. We know the most important thing about cars is having the freedom and independence to explore the world - or even just your neighborhood - with the people you love.  

We also know that driving comes with its share of risks. We weigh our responsibility with great care and always deliver products you can trust.You can feel secure in the knowledge that your X-Shade car accessories will perform as expected because we engineer them that way.

We come to work pumped-up every day. Why? Because we’ve embraced the challenge of keeping quality high and prices low and we're succeeding.


There are three core values that X-Shade places at the center of everything we do. These values also determine the way we engage with you, our valued customer.

1.We understand drivers

Whether you’re an auto buff or not, your car is central to your lifestyle. We appreciate how much you depend on your vehicle and its accompanying accessories to perform in every situation life throws at you, and we strive to cater to that. We provide REAL products for REAL people in REAL situations.

If you’re like us, you have no time for stressing about car accessories, you just want to get in you car and drive! That’s why we are committed to a hassle-free, pleasant and secure e-commerce experience. From ordering to shipping to customer service, X-Shade will have you on your way quickly and securely with no hassles. 

All of this is backed up by our Rock Solid, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

2. We care about quality and believe that you should never have to sacrifice when it comes to the safety of your family

Driving is a science of millimeter and seconds. Small factors and tiny measurements determine the difference between danger and arriving at your destination in safety.

From sunshades that perfectly match the size of your windshield, vice-grip the glass and provide UV protection, to durable and compact Power Inverters that are perfect for long road trips, camping and emergencies, safety truly comes first when it comes to our products. 

3. We believe in Giving Back

Because safety is such a central part of the X-Shade community, we've partnered with organizations that work to improve safety education and prevention.

A portion of the money you spend at the X-Shade store goes to the Safe America Foundation. Safe America leads education initiatives on Road Safety, Drivers Education, Youth Safety and Safety for Veterans. They are at the vanguard  of increasing safety awareness in our cities and communities and it’s an honor to be involved in their work.

The American Red Cross is also a beneficiary of X-Shade. In addition to their emergency services, the ARC provides critical First Response, CPR and work-related safety training. Their courses are readily accessible and they even provide online, interactive safety training.

It's really gratifying to know that our X-Shade community is making a difference in the lives of all Americans.

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