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[INFORGRAPHIC] - Tips for Selling Used Cars for Most Cash

If you're completely new to the car-selling process it can be quite a novel experience. It places the seller in both an offensive and defensive position, where every move needs to be strategic to get the most money out of the buyer. Here are a few tips that anyone can use to get the best value out of their transaction.

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If your car is desirable enough, you'll have people practically knocking your door down to buy it. A fair number of these individuals will want a significant discount on the price, for any number of reasons. It's important that you choose a price that's realistic, based on market value (not sentimental value), and that you don't dip below that price if there is enough demand.

If your price is negotiable, inflate it by 10 percent, with a "Best Offer" option. That way the buyer feels like they saved some money and the seller gets the most that they can for their car. It's win-win, which is the best way to approach a transaction in general.

Image Source: Car Buyer Arizona