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How to Vacuum Like an Auto Detailer

A dirty interior can cause a car to be very unsightly. Simply maintaining your vehicle interior can make your car appear years newer. In addition, a clean interior also creates a healthier environment while you drive, by limiting the amount of dust and pollen particles in the air. Therefore, it is important to learn how to vacuum a car.

Here are 4 Tips on how to vacuum your car like an auto detail expert:

Tip 1: Begin by cleaning out the garbage and light trash a vacuum cannot pick up. This gets rid of the clutter and you can properly vacuum all the crumbs and dust.

Tip 2: Remove all floor mats before you begin to vacuum. Vacuuming around floor mats may seem easier but it won't get the vehicle as clean.

Tip 3: Move the seats! The car seats move forwards and backwards for our convenience. When cleaning the front, move the seat fully backwards so you can reach and clean every nook and cranny. Repeat for the back, except move the seat forward to reach deep underneath the seat.

Tip 4: When cleaning the vehicle in general, clean and vacuum efficiently by working at one section at a time.

For an added wow factor, brush the fibers of the carpet in opposite directions to make a clean design, or what I call the baseball field effect.

Article and Image Source: Lighthouse Express Carwash