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How to Make an Upside Down Fire

Making an upside down fire is quite easy, but why you should make an upside down fire is the question. According to milkwood.net, an upside down fire allows for “heat energy to actually radiate equally in all directions from the point of combustion, not just upward.” This would mean a hotter fire and complete combustion of the wood. That being said, here’s how to make you upside down fire.

How to make an upside down fire:

1. Start with the logs that you would normally put on last, and lay them flat in your fire pit (or slow combustion wood heater).

2. Cross-hatch successively smaller layers of wood on top, until you’re up to the kindling.

The more stable the structure of your upside down fire, the better it will be, as the structure won’t be compromised while burning which will lead to more complete combustion for all the wood, right down to those big logs at the bottom.

3. Place your paper on top, and light (a sprinkle of extra kindling on top is a good idea). Trust the laws of physics, and light your fire.

The first 10-15 minutes will be somewhat unspectacular as the fire makes its way through the kindling and the combustion gets going. Soon though the flames will be roaring and the fire’s smokeless state will be apparent.

When thinking of building a campfire, make sure it is safe to do so. If it’s in the midst of a summer heat wave, it’s best not to make a campfire as this may cause unwanted fire hazards. Also, always remember to put out your fire completely when you’re done. Never leave a fire pit burning unattended. Have you tried making an upside down fire? How does it work for you? Tell us more about it. Happy camping everyone!

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Image source: milkwood.net