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Decoration Ideas for RVs

If you have been searching about decorating your RVs for a while you have seen your fair share of RV remodels. Some are structural, others aesthetic. The ones that are easiest on the eyes tend to get the most rave reviews. That is were RV decorating comes in. It is a skill similar to traditional decorating with the incorporation of the limitations of a moving vehicle. Here are some tips for you:

1. Stick to just one color palette. If you can stand in the middle of your apartment and see everything in your apartment, then it’s wise to stick to a single color concept – anything else may be overwhelming. In the trailer, a palette of black and white with blue and green accents is bright and soothing.

2. Make your furniture multi-task. Here, a desk pulls out to become a dining table; when guests leave, the additional leaf can be pushed back under the desk for extra space. Look for furniture that will work hard for you – a side chair that folds out into a guest bed, or a coffee table that lifts up into a desk.

3. Use vertical space as well as horizontal space. When designing a space, it’s easy to get caught up in just planning layouts. Don’t forget that your apartment is three dimensional – use every inch of wall space you can. Here, knives and utensils hang from a wall in the kitchen, cabinets above the desk provide additional storage space, and a wall-hung vanity mirror helps limit clutter in the bathroom.

4. Arrange more public uses closest to the door.  Ever heard of “hierarchy of privacy”? It’s the idea that, as you move from the entrance to a dwelling though a series of rooms, the most private rooms are in the very back. But how do you accomplish this if you only have one room? Even in a small space, there are distinct ‘zones’ for doing different things. Here, there’s the kitchen, the dining/study area, and the bed, which is the last thing you reach as you move through the space. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but in the past I’ve discovered that it can makes small spaces seem more comfortable and harmonious.

5. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Keeping things simple will help a small space seem uncluttered, but a house is not a home unless you fill it with things you love.

It is easy to forget the impact RV decorating has on the look and feel of a RV interior. These are great examples of a unique RV renovation you cant miss!

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Image Source: Do It Yourself RV