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Carry a Light Load: No to RV Overloading

Did you know that driving or towing an overloaded rig is a leading cause of RV accidents? Even a slight overload or unequal weight distribution can seriously restrict braking and steering, dramatically increase fuel consumption, and cause sudden blowouts or breakdowns.


Carrying to many tools – Some fell into this trap. If you like to do most of your RV repairs and maintenance tasks yourself you can bring along a crap load of tools and supplies. These types of things tend to be very heavy and it doesn’t take much to easily add a few hundred pounds on the rig. Be much more selective and consider each item carefully with its weight in mind.

Adding Extra Batteries – The extra power sure is nice but each additional battery will add somewhere between 50 and 75 pounds, so keep that in mind when building that battery bank.

Generators – Another item many carry in the RV are generators and will typically add 50 –100 pounds.

Dishes and Kitchen Appliances – With the popularity of slide outs the newer RVs are providing more and more kitchen cupboard space. It’s tempting to carry a lot of extra dishes and many more kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers, can openers, etc. But keep in mind just because the manufacture has created extra space doesn’t necessarily mean they adding any extra weight capacity.

Canned Goods – It’s nice to stock up and not have to hit the grocery or beverage store as much but canned goods, pop and beers are heavy so you may want to limit the quantity stored on board.

Books – Books and magazines can add up in weight quickly. every so often donated them or get yourself an E-Reader device.

Water – This is a big one! Every gallon of water on board weighs a little over 8 pounds. When you fill up a 60 gallon fresh water tank, you’re adding an extra 500 pounds, give or take to the rig weight! If say you also have full waste tanks, you could easily be carrying 1200 pounds of water. Not that this is likely to take place but it gives you an idea of how water can dramatically affect the weight and cause overloading of the RV.

Remember, a properly balanced RV, safe equipment and good driving can tame almost any road. The problems caused by overloading of the RV can be very serious. This may cause tire failures, excessive wear to the suspension and frame, and can degrade the handling characteristics of the RV. Remember to just bring all the things that you need, and not all the things you want.

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Image Source: Love Your RV