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Car Chrome 101

The car used in the below tutorial is a tropic turquoise 1966 Malibu. The car will be transformed into a real piece of automobile art. The guy who created the list and all the steps in this definitive guide used Mothers and Eastwood products during the process of restoring the brightwork’s original brilliance. Bear in mind that there is always a possibility the chrome shop could ruin the original part you sent them to be rechromed.

1. For this 1966 Malibu, spending its entire life in California’s high desert was a blessing and yet a curse. The dry heat kept the chrome from rusting, but cooked the anodized aluminum trim.

2. The mildest approach and best way to start preparing chrome and anodized aluminum trim for polishing is by soaking off years of dirt and grime with a good pH-balanced car wash like Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax. Harsh detergents can further haze anodized aluminum trim.

3. The best trick in the world to polish and clean chrome, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum is with super-fine 0000 (four ott) steel wool. Or better yet, fine grade bronze wool because it resists rust.

4. A heavy concentration of Mother California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax soap makes heavy bodied suds that cling. The super-fine steel wool makes a good wash mitt, but throw it away directly after using.

5. Nothing blasts off the soapsuds and further flushes out dirt and grime like a good old-fashioned high-pressure garden hose. We followed up with blowing compressed air to ensure no water pockets were left to create rust.

6. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with different products to see what works best. We used Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish and Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish along with fine-grade bronze wool to handle the heavy rust.

7. The same process used on the front and rear bumpers worked great to restore the Malibu’s chrome horn ring, shift lever, and turn-signal handle.

8. It’s very important to note that steel wool, bronze wool, or chrome polish should never be used on clear plastic parts like the horn button. Mothers Plastic Polish was used on the clear plastic horn button.

9. Reflective metallic stickers that get cooked on after awhile can be a real bear to remove without using a good chemical dissolvent like Eastwood PRE.

10. We sprayed (soaked) the wretched sticker with PRE and then worked a single-edge razor blade underneath to lift it off.

11. Afterwards, Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish was used to remove the rust and blend the exposed chrome into the chrome dulled from exposure to the sun and elements.

12. Mothers California Gold All-Chrome is a great new product that in addition to adding a brilliant shine, effortlessly removes smudges, fingerprints, dust, insect guts, and even light water spot formations, leaving behind a lasting protective barrier.

The best way to polish chrome-plated, stainless steel, polished aluminum or anodized is using a super-fine 0000 steel wool or a fine grade bronze wool. The next step is to wash the car and finalize it with blowing compressed air. The last one is needed to make sure that no water pockets are left.

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