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How to Pack Food in Your Car

Want a quick camping getaway? Get your car, go for a long drive and go car camping. This may not be your average camping event where you get to sleep for a few days outdoors but this can be one of the best quick escapes from reality. So, how do you prepare for car camping? Unlike wilderness camping, you don’t have to bring a lot of things. Below are some tips that you can consider.

1. Don’t bring too much equipment. Keep them simple.

Just bring necessary cooking and eating equipment such as a pot with lid, sauce pan, cutlery, wooden spoons, and a tong. You can put the smaller items inside the pot and save space.

Bring matches or anything that can help you start a fire may it be for a portable stove or campfire.

Don’t forget your trusty knife, too. As long as you can use it for different purposes, no need for you to bring any other cutting tool like a pairing knife or a peeler.

Bring aluminum foil for heating your food fast, plates, mugs, and paper towels. Bring dish washing liquid for cleaning.

2. Plan your meals.

Plan your food ahead so it would be easier for you to prepare the necessary ingredients when it is time for meals.

3. Perishable foods should be kept in a cooler.

If you’re planning for a short camping trip, store your perishable goods in a big cooler. Put your meats in a resealable bag and put it at the bottom of the cooler. Next, put the eggs and vegetables and other foods.

4. Non-perishable foods should be organized.

Put your dry goods in a dry box. For treats, you can store them in a separate box that you can easily access so when you get hungry on the road, you will have this on hand. Also, make sure that you pack lots of drinks. May it be water or other drinks, make sure that you get lots of them as you don’t want to get dehydrated while you’re away.

These are just a few tips on how to pack food for car camping, if you want to know more you can read at www.thekitchn.com

If you have more tips and tricks for car camping, share it with us through the comments.

Image Source: Street Side Auto