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6 Great Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Automotive batteries have a finite life span. Undercharging, overcharging and heat all team up to degrade your battery. Poor electrical connections make it more difficult for even a good battery to do its job.

1. Park in a Garage

A thoroughly insulated garage will keep your battery warm in the winter. Skip heated garages. They will rust your car.

2. Keep Your Battery Clean

Remove the clamps and clean away grease, dirt and oxidation. A filthy battery connection will weaken the charge.

3. Insulate Your Car Battery

If you don't have an insulated garage, you can always insulate the battery. It's a cheap way to protect the battery.

4. Recharge it with Solar

You can purchase an inexpensive solar charger for your car battery. The charger refills your battery's charge with solar energy. Combo this device with a monitor so you don't overcharge the battery.

5. Add Distilled Water

If you're stretching the life of a conventional battery, you may have to add some water to it.

6. Secure the Battery

If your battery is jiggling around, it could tip over. A loose battery bashing against other parts of your engine is bad. Battery acid spilling all over your motor is also bad. Keep the battery tray clean. Make sure the battery sits correctly.

A car battery is what helps the vehicle start up and continue running. The electrical energy necessary to make the car work is stored in the battery. Most batteries will continue working well for 5 to 7 years. Keeping your car on a regular maintenance and testing schedule with your mechanic will ensure your battery works properly, and there are things you can do yourself to help. Maintain car batteries by checking them and cleaning them on a regular basis, and charging them when necessary.

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Image Source: WikiHow