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Enjoy an Adventure with a Little Help from 5 Android Apps

Gone were the days when camping and hiking were merely guided by a compass! Since technology is all about constant change, it has designed five Android Apps for a better and safer communion with nature.  Outdoor exploration has become more fun…more exciting… and more educational. With a Smartphone or tablet, roughing it will never be the same again!  Here are some Android Apps that will help and guide you where to go o your next camping destination:

1. All Trails

If you’re a pure wanderer, you’ll certainly enjoy using the All Trails app, which allows you to track the route you cover – It’s a social app specially designed for travellers. You can record the route you cover with photos of what you see along the way and add it to your profile. A blue dot shows your current location, while a red line tracks where you are on the map.

2. SAS Survival Guide Lite

This app includes everything you’ll need to know to have a worthwhile camping trip. Written by a former soldier and instructor, John Wiseman, this application is an elite guide to get you through some of the toughest situations you might come across during a camping trip. You’ll find the app useful even if you’re a basic camper, with options such as the list of things you‘ll need to carry before the trip, a comprehensive first aid section and how to read different weather signs.

3. Google Sky Map 

It’s not often you’ll get to see starry nights in a busy city, so make the most of your outdoor trip by watching the stars in the clear night skies. If you enjoy star gazing, Google Sky Map is an app that gives the name of stars, constellations and planets above you by pointing your smartphone or tablet to the sky. The app makes use of your smartphone’s integral GPS and compass to give the exact placement of stars and planets based on your location.

4. First Aid – American Red Cross

It’s important not to ignore your safety as it’s common to have breathing problems and injuries when you’re on an adventure trip. The First Aid app includes a comprehensive catalogue of information to help you and your companions in such emergency situations.

5. Konkoit

Konkoit lets you access a vast database of birds depending on your country. Enabling GPS also lets you see a list of species common around your GPS area. It lets you identify the birds you see depending on their characteristics.

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Image Source: Tech