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RV Love: Honeymoon On The Road

We’d like to start a honeymoon revolution! If you and your future spouse share a love of nature, why spend hours in airports waiting to reach a faraway destination? There are plenty of beautiful, natural settings for your honeymoon. So what happens when a newly married couple who enjoy the outdoors to varying degrees decide they want to go camping for a mini-moon? Here are some ideas for gorgeous, romantic honeymoon hideaways just waiting for you and your RV:

DO: The great things to DO with your RV to make this trip amazing!

  • You will want to rent an RV that gets great gas milage, has more than adequate sleeping arrangements for you as a new couple and finally, you need an RV that has s decent area for you both to cook and eat. Most RV’s have TV’s and a nice couch in addition to a table and eating area inside and out allowing you plenty of room and space to move around when not driving.
  • You also need to make sure your RV has a decent bathroom and washing areas. This is very important.
  • You will want to map out your route ahead of time to get an idea on gas and cost. Triple A has the best plans and now there are plenty of options on line that actually track and map your trip for people to track you and follow you! It’s a great way to journal your adventure.
  • You will want to stock the RV from a major supermarket and save money on meals in restaurants by enjoying the simplicity of cooking and eating together.
  • Decide in advance where your going to stop for the night and take advantage of the nicer RV camps and campgrounds that offer pools, activities and nightlife.
  • Make sure that you take turns driving and that you stop when you feel too tired to go on, safety should be your first priority!
  • Pack movies and DVD’s to watch at night when you are parked.

DON’T: The few things you DON’T want to do with you RV that may sour your adventure!

  • Don’t over drive. Set reasonable time limits to get to where you want to be, once you are too tired to drive it gets dangerous and people get cranky. Once this happens, it takes away the fun and adventure of doing a cross country drive.
  • Don’t let the road just take you where you want, have a plan! You need to know where the next gas station is at all times. Being a free spirit on the road is dangerous and can be expensive when you find yourself miles out of the way and lost.
  • Don’t rely on the RV’s instruments or navigation. Have a backup map printed! Some areas are so rural that navigation may not work. Be sure to have a printed map with you at all times.
  • Stay connected. Use either your cell phone, iPad or some form of technology at all times that is charged and with you in case you are lost or come across a dangerous situation.
  • Don’t forget to lock the RV when you are not in it. Be sure to be responsible and remember that you will be in unfamiliar territory and you need to be extra careful and even more aware of your surroundings.

Start planning your honeymoon trip back to nature in the comfort of an RV. The two of you can enjoy plenty of alone time, and still get to celebrate the great outdoors. With the comforts of home, RVing can be more than tolerable, it can be enjoyable.

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Image Source: Marie Unanue