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Be Theft-Free: Secure Your RV

Your RV is your house on wheels. However, one thing you may not be aware of is that RVs are not as secure as houses built on the ground – RV factories tend to standardize their locks to cut back on production costs. This, therefore, makes RVs more attractive and vulnerable to thieves, and no one would really notice if your RV gets stolen or broken into because thieves typically mimic the behavior of RV owners when they do their business.

If neighborhood thieves are lurking in your RV park or campground, you can make their plans more difficult to achieve.

Eliminate easy opportunities around your campsite by taking the following RV security precautions:

Change your RV locks. Most RV storage compartments share the same locks and keys. Protect your belongings by changing the factory default locks and installing after-market ones for every compartment.

Don’t leave expensive items in plain sight. While you don’t have to put a padlock on everything from your iPad to your gas grill, it’s wise to stow or lock items of higher value when you’re not using them.

Leave expensive belongings at home. If you’re really concerned about your expensive items, consider leaving them in a more secure location. You’ll feel more at ease when you go camping if you have less to lose in the first place.

Keep lights on at night when you’re away. Interior lights left on inside the RV will keep criminals guessing if someone is home. Exterior motion detectors are good deterrents too.

Get to know your neighbors. Even if you’re only in a park for a short stay, getting to know your neighbors will send a message that you care enough to say hello and look out for their best interest – hopefully they’ll reciprocate.

Common Sense is the Best Security System
There’s a fine line between being vigilant and just plain paranoid.

But following these common sense personal safety tips will go a long way toward keeping your possessions safe – and keeping you in a carefree state of mind.

The best way to squash any worries about crime is to do what you would do when traveling in general:

  • stay alert to your surroundings
  • blend into your environment by maintaining a low profile and
  • avoid putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations in the first place

RVs are typically vulnerable and attractive to thieves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few extra measures, you can keep your RV safe and sound even from the cleverest of burglars.

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Image Source: Safe Wise