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Protect Your Child from Heatstroke-Related Deaths

With the hot days of summer come summer sports -- baseball, tennis, football practice -- both in the neighborhood and at camp. Before you send the kids out to practice -- or just for a long day of play in the sun -- learn to protect your child against the dangers of dehydration and heat illness. Riding in a hot car or leaving him in a parked car, which you should never do, would put him at risk, too. Heat stroke can occur within minutes in a car, where the temperature quickly climbs much higher than the outside temperature.

According to KidsandCars.org, in 2015 there were 26 heatstroke deaths involving kids and since 1990 there’ve been more than 700 deaths. The most recent death was a 7-month-old in Monroeville.

Some experts said the main reason behind those high numbers is parents forgetting the kids are even in the car.

According to KidsandCars.org, Alabama ranks sixteenth in the nation for the heat-related deaths involving kids and cars. Experts say what can easily be a quick errand – can quickly be fatal for your kid.

"Even with a one-inch crack when it's 80 degrees, in 20 minutes that temperature will go up 29 degrees. That makes it 119 degrees inside a vehicle," said Don Webster with HEMSI.

Legal expert Mark McDaniel said if you leave your child in a hot car and they die, you could be charged with reckless manslaughter which is a Class B felony and can spend between 2 to 20 years in prison.

Make sure they drink cool water early and often. Send your child out to practice or play fully hydrated. Then, during play, make sure your child takes regular breaks to drink fluid, even if your child isn't thirsty.

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Image Source: Kids Travel Doc