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Emergency Numbers That You Must-Have

We cannot predict when and where accidents could occur. It’s better for us to be ready in times accident would come. Having the numbers that should be needed to be called when that comes should always be ready with us. Below are some tips on what Emergency numbers should we prepare:

“ICE − This number, which stands for "in case of emergency," should be your emergency contact – a parent, spouse, close friend or whomever you want notified if something happens to you. Many emergency responders and hospital personnel know to look for this number.

Home − your home phone number, if you have one. If someone finds your lost cell phone, he or she can call this number to let you know your phone is intact. Emergency personnel may also try it as an alternative number if there is no answer at the ICE number.

Police − In case you have an emergency or witness someone else who needs help, you can notify your local police station about the situation more rapidly if you already have the number stored in your phone.

State highway patrol − See a motorist stranded by the side of the road? Be a good Samaritan and call the state highway patrol for assistance.

Insurance company − If you’re in an accident, you can notify your insurance company right away and get roadside assistance or towing help if you need it. (Nationwide's toll-free number for claims is 1-800-421-3535.)”

It’s always better if we do have emergency numbers ready to call when we encounter an accident. Those numbers would be the one who could help us.

Read more of this tips on: http://www.nationwide.com/

Image Source: Akron