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The “LEAVE NO TRACE” Principle

Preserving nature and protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Now, you might have heard of the “leave no trace principle” if you have been camping often. But what is it exactly? Here are a few pointers if you’re new to the “leave no trace” camping. This is a good way to camping sustainably and reduces the impact on the environment.

1. Choose where to set up your tent. It’s important to set your tent in an area where there is no vegetation. This is especially important when you will be staying for more than one night. An ideal spot has dry leaves. Stick to paths when you can to avoid trampling on nature.
2. Take everything you brought. Do not remove plants or minerals from its natural spot. Additionally, only use dead materials when finding wood for a fire. Do not cut down trees for firewood.
3. Avoid feeding wildlife. Often, when animals get used to human handouts they become less wild, they can become nuisances, or worse, dangerous.
4. Go camping in small groups. In order to have a lower impact, it is a good idea to camp in smaller groups. Typically 4-6 people are ideal for a camping trip because you are able to keep a campsite small. Additionally, by scheduling your trip around a slow camping season you will have less impact.
5. Use a map. Often campers use marketing paint or flagging to mark trails or paths. Instead, use a map and a compass.
6. Use established fire rings. Unfortunately, campfires can cause damage to camping areas. It’s always a good idea to use a lightweight stove when possible. When you do decide to use a campfire, use fire rings or mound fires. By keeping fires small, you can reduce your environmental impact.
7. Set up a gray water site. Rather than washing dishes in a lake or in a stream, create a cleaning area away from the water. You can wash your dishes there using environment friendly dish washing liquid. Be sure to dump this water away from a lake or stream.

Everyone must always do their part in preserving the beauty of nature. Make the “leave no trace” principle a part of your camping trips. Reduce your impact as much as you can in the environment so that everyone will be able to enjoy nature at its best for years to come. happy camping!

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Image source: Flickr