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That Great Experience in 5 Top US Wilderness Areas

Looking to camp  and enjoy the outdoors? Can’t wait to get lost in the wilderness? These five breathtaking, captivating, and protected wilderness areas are lying open for you who love to get away for a weekend trekking and camping.  Just the idea of landing your feet on the panoramic mountains to overlook vast lands; or experiencing water adventures in the designated lakes; or simply enjoying wildlife viewing, will set your spirit free and soaring high! Let us have a closer look.

1. Ansel Adams Wilderness, California
Located in California’s Sierra Nevada, the Ansel Adams Wilderness is bordered to the south by the John Muir Wilderness and to the north by Yosemite Wilderness.

The Ansel Adams wilderness is accessed by trailheads in the Reds Meadow Valley near the town of Mammoth Lakes. With its alpine lakes and streams, tall mountains and numerous hiking trails, the wilderness area is popular for backpacking, hiking, climbing and fly fishing, and is considered a nature photographer’s paradise.

2. Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana
The Bob Marshall Wilderness encompasses more than one million acres of land in northwestern Montana and was designated a wilderness area by congress in 1964. Combined with the nearby Great Bear and Scapegoat Wilderness areas, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is the third largest in the United States and a favorite among outdoors enthusiasts.

3. Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
Dramatic glacial carved peaks, deep valleys and dense forests characterize the Glacier Peak Wilderness located in the North Cascades mountain range in Washington. The wilderness area shares its northern border with North Cascades National Park and spans a total of 566,057 acres.

4. Mingo Wilderness, Missouri
More than 18 thousand years ago, the Mississippi River flowed through the location of today’s Mingo Wilderness, but due to natural events the river’s course shifted east leaving a swampland. The rich biological habitat is home to a diverse wildlife habitat; a total of 279 migratory bird species including mallards and Canada geese, stopover at the wetlands during winter.

5. Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, Arizona
Sycamore Canyon Wilderness in northwest Arizona encompasses the entire Sycamore Canyon. At 7-miles wide and 21-miles long, it’s the second largest canyon in the Red Rock region. The creek carved walls of the canyon reveal colorful layers of red sandstone, white limestone and brown lava.

These are just few of the many wilderness areas that are waiting to be explored. The internet will give you a variety of options to choose from. Read more about the Top 5 US Wilderness Areas, visit About.com

Image Source: About.com