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Outdoor Cooking 101: Hotdogs and Rakes

Alas, after a long day of camping, it’s chow time! Guess we all need a little laughter around the campfire, huh? Leave it to food trip. Check out 2 methods that teaches us how to roast hot dogs on a garden rake. We’re pretty sure you’ll never look at either the same way again!

Method 1 of 2: Rummage Through Your Garage For Tools

  1. Look for a multi-pronged garden tool. The idea is to stick the hotdog on the end of something like a rake so look for either a garden rake, garden claw or any other tool that will allow you to make the transformation.
    • Consider something with a long pole. You don’t want your tender fingers near the flame, so make sure you choose something that gives you enough distance between the hotdogs, fire and your hands.
    • Make sure the item can be near a flame. Anything made of plastic or rubber will melt and product noxious fumes once heated. Only use old fashioned steel or metal for cooking.
  2. Consider making your own cooking tool. If you want to approach the job using traditional cooking utensils, consider creating your own cooking device using a variety of tools or items from the kitchen and garage.
    • Join a skillet to a shovel. Use wire to bond the skillet to the shovel and you’ve created a long handled skillet that allows you to sit by the fire with beer in one hand, skillet in the other.
    • Transform a stand-alone sprinkler into a shish kabob hot dog cooker. Stick metal rods or even wooden sticks in old sprinkler heads, position next to the fire and allow the dogs to cook on their own. Remember to turn and rotate for even cooking.
  3. Find cleaning materials before using garden tools for cooking. While it may take a few minutes, cleaning the garden rake or any other tool you find in the garage will help you maintain sanitary cooking conditions. And help you to avoid anyone becoming sick.

Method 2 of 2: Purchase and Cook the Hotdogs

  1. Buy your favorite brand hotdogs. Whether you get them on sale or you go for the expensive dogs; make sure you find the kind of hotdogs you like best.
  2. Consider whether you want to “dress up” your dogs. Add bacon, cheese or any other topping right on the dog before you cook it. Use toothpicks to hold a piece of wrapped bacon in place or throw on a piece of cheese right before the hotdog is fully cooked.
  3. Spear hot dogs with your garden/redneck hot dog cooking tool. If you are using a garden rake, add one hot dog to each prong. Make sure the hot dog is fully pierced and you can see the other end of the rake (so that the hot dog doesn’t fall off the rake and into your fire).
  4. Check the grill or fire before cooking. Make sure you have a decent flame or heat coming from your heat source. You should be able to cook the hot dogs fairly quickly if you have a strong flame/heat.
  5. Hold hotdogs over the heat or flame. Avoid placing the meat directly into the flame if you are cooking them over a campfire because it could cause the hot dogs to burn.
  6. Cook hotdogs until they are golden brown and slightly crispy. Turn the rake or your cooking device over to ensure the meat browns evenly.
  7. Allow the hotdogs to cool slightly before removing them from the cooking device. Or use a hot pad, a towel or your t-shirt to remove the dogs and plate them.

Although it might not be the ideal weather to weenie roast on your favorite rake, we’re pretty sure everything will start to get charred and burned, and that’s how you know everything’s ready!

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Image Source: WikiHow