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Mile Tracker App Aims To Help

Staying on top of your many mileage, hotel, and rental-car programs is one of the biggest headaches for frequent travelers.

Mile Tracker App is free to download for both iPhone and Android users and has been created to support everyday business car travel by tracking mileage, calculating fuel costs, summarising journey details and even locating a vehicle once it’s parked. A new variant released recently includes a Fuel Finder element that can be unlocked when customers enter the registration plate of their Mercedes-Benz.

Nick Andrews, Head of Fleet for Mercedes-Benz UK Passenger Cars, said: “We have launched this exclusive version of the Mile Tracker app to thank our fleet customers for choosing Mercedes-Benz. The Fuel Finder feature is the first of its kind to be developed and at a time when fuel prices are high, we’re delighted to be able to give our customers this exclusive solution.”

Either way, you’ll still want to keep your own independent records.  Not only is it good to have backup in case their GPS goes awry (which can happen), but there may be times when you drive for business while your app is off (say, en route to certain hotspots, or returning home from a trip that took you into the boonies).  These miles could all be deductible.

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