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Large Group: 4 Meal Ideas

Camping can be for family time, or better yet with a large group of people. Hiking, campfire talks and nights under the stars are ideal for bonding. But when it comes to food division, you may feel overwhelmed with how to provide enough food. These 4 simple-to-cook meal ideas will make it easier for you to create food for large a crowd. 

1. Skewers

Skewers are one of the best camping meal ideas for two reasons: they’re easy to make and everyone can use their own ingredients. Ask everyone to bring a variety of meat and veggies, and you pack the skewers. Make it even easier by having a group cooking session, where everyone builds their own skewers.

2. Pre-Made Pasta

Pasta is a perfect go-to for large camping meals for two reasons: Most of the work can be done at home, and it’s affordable to make in bulk. Not to mention, it’s versatile; you can make one big pasta dish or multiple smaller ones that are all different. Some ideas:

Spaghetti: Make the pasta at home, bring a jar of sauce and heat it up in a large skillet or pot over the fire.

Pasta salad: Make the pasta at home, toss in the veggies and cheese, and then add the dressing when it’s time for dinner. This doesn’t even need to be heated.

Thai Peanut Noodles: Make the noodles at home, and mix in peanut sauce and veggies so it can all marinate together. Bring peanuts and green onions to garnish before mealtime. This can be served cold or hot.

3. Skillet Stir-fry

When cooking for a large group, there are few better camping meal ideas than a stir-fry. With loads of veggies and a yummy sauce, this can be a side dish, a burger topping or full meal by adding noodles or rice.

If you’re using this as a full meal, be sure to cook the starch before hand. That can be mixed into the skillet to warm before eating.

4. Chicken on the Bone

Chicken is always a crowd pleaser—when choosing the cut, go for drumsticks and chicken wings. The bone makes this meal easy for almost anyone to eat and you can fit a lot of wings or drumsticks on one fire grate.

To prep at the campsite, dip the meat in marinade and put it directly on the grate. If the drumsticks are large, you may need to cover them to make sure they cook all the way through.

Meal preparation for a large group of campers doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming, regardless of what you choose to cook. Take these camping meal ideas on your next trip, and make everyone happy, yourself included.

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