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Importance of Car Sunshade in Your Car

Sun shades provide an important service for your car. Ultraviolet rays become destructive over time. They cause fading of the colors in your car’s interior. They can also cause the fabric and other materials used to make the interior to begin to break down and deteriorate. In order to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition it is important to use car sun shades as a prevention for decay. If you don’t currently have a quality car sun shade, here are a few reason why you need one.


1. Heat Elimination

While sun shades don't completely eliminate the heat buildup inside a car, they do help maintain a lower temperature by blocking and reflecting the hot sun rays. This means that when you open the car door you won't be shocked by the hot air rushing out. Sun shades also keep you from burning your hands on the steering wheel or your backside on a hot car seat. They are especially good for protecting baby car seats.

2. Protecting Electronics

Car stereo systems and CDs can be damaged by excessive heat and by the direct rays of the sun beating through a windshield. Now that there are LCD televisions and DVD players in cars it is especially important to keep the heat down. A sun shade will protect that important area where your electronics are located, which will in turn provide a longer life for the electronic equipment in the car.

3. Interior Protection

The sun can do a lot of damage to the interior of your car. The dashboard and seats can become faded, sun bleached or cracked and warped due to the sunlight and heat. A sun shade blocks the damaging rays of the sun and reduces the heat inside the car. By regularly using sun shades in your car, you can make the interior last longer and stay looking like new.

Windshield sun shades can prevent all that by blocking some of the heat and protecting the interior from exposure to direct sunlight. Every car owner should have one especially since they are so cheap. As if this is not enough, they also serve another purpose. Everyone knows how hot the seats can get during the summer due to the hat and the sun. It makes the entire interior air almost unbreathable and the seats burning. A windshield sun shade can absorb some of the heat making it a bit more bearable. It is true that windshield shades do not offer a pretty sight but they have a genuine purpose.

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Image Source: X-Shade