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Drive Safely on The Road

Driving safely is so important -- for you and for other drivers on the road. Start with Step 1 below for some helpful advice on how you can drive responsibly and avoid accidents.

 “Part 1 of 4: Behaving Responsibly Behind the Wheel

 1. Never drink and drive.

 2. Avoid distractions.

 3. Avoid drowsiness.

 4. Always wear a seat belt.

 5. Stay calm.

 Part 2 of 4: Following the Rules of the Road

 1. Observe the speed limit.

 2. Follow the three second rule.

 3. Be extra careful in poor driving conditions.

 4. Be wary of other drivers.

 5. Use your mirrors and check your blind spots.

Part 3 of 4: Dealing With Specific Hazards

 1. Be extra careful when driving on ice.

 2. Use your indicators when turning.

 3. Be cautious around trucks. 

 4. Never run a red light.

Part 4 of 4: Taking Care of Mechanical Issues

1. Regularly check for any mechanical issues.

 2. Maintain your car properly.

 3. Keep all four tires properly inflated”. 

 Be courteous. People will not expect it, and it will help create good will on the highway, where it is needed so much. If you're in a traffic jam, it's so easy to let a few cars into your lane. It won't make any difference in your time, is much safer, and makes the day so much easier for them too. They will be encouraged to help others 

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