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Beginners: What NOT to Bring to Camp

In camping, people are so excited to bring whatever it is they want to make sure that they enjoy the trip. However, no one really paid attention to the things that they should not bring. Beginners in camping tend to over think the events in the camping trip making them pack unnecessary things. So, what are the things you should not bring to a camping trip?

Loads of decor: Decorative lamps and rugs may seem like a cute idea to make your site look homey and fresh, but they’re definitely not necessary. There’s so much beauty in nature! No need to doll up your campsite.
Your whole closet: Overpacking in the outdoors will only make things more difficult. Planning outfits ahead of time will save you a lot of heartache on your camping excursion. Chances are you’ll be wearing the same pieces the whole time. Also, make sure not to bring anything along you’d be bummed ruining, because it will happen.
Scented or perfumed lotions: Smelling sweet may sound like a solid way to bring a little comfort to your camping trip, but it’s best to leave scents at home. They will attract critters, and leave you all bitten. But lathering up after a long day can be an amazingly luxurious moment! I always grab some unscented lotion before I head out camping to keep me feeling pretty and fresh.
A bad attitude: Above all else, leave your ‘tude at home, sister. There’s nothing worse for the morale of a camping crew than someone who can’t quit complaining. Every moment may not be rosy, but staying present and keeping a positive perspective will keep you happy and helpful. You may not know everything about the great outdoors, but a good mood is the best asset you can offer.

Before you go on a camping trip and before you pack your things, think about what you really need and that’s what should be in your bag. You also have to think about the most important thing, your well being. Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for the trip? If you are not, then most probably you need to address that since you might break down during the trip. You don’t want to affect those who are having fun, do you?

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Image Source: Flickr.com