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A Simple Way to Remove Ticks

Ticks are one of the most common issues that you can encounter when going camping. The easiest way to prevent ticks from getting to you is by using tick repellents sprayed liberally specially on the cuffs of your pants. Ticks may cause a number of diseases, the most common of which is Lyme disease. When a ticks had found its way to your skin and bites you, do not ever remove them with tweezers. This method might only remove the body but the tick’s head would get stuck on your skin once it’s bitten you.

Here is a simple, effective, yet painless way to remove an embedded tick:

Squirt liquid hand soap to a cotton ball, Cover the entire tick with the soaked cotton ball for a 20 seconds. The tick will cease biting, back out and will remain stuck to the cotton ball when it’s pulled away.

Using this method assures that the ticks head is also removed and is not accidentally left in the skin.

If you are unsure of how long a tick has been embedded on your skin, place it in a jar in rubbing alcohol so that it can be tested for Lyme disease.

If you have a tick on your person and it is not yet biting, you can apply a piece of scotch tape to the tick, it will stick to it, fold the tape closed and throw it away.

There are many tick repelling sprays in the market. You can purchase one or you could just make your own. You can fill a small spray bottle with water then add 40 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and shake. There are other DIY tick repellents that you could make. So, how do you deal with ticks? Share it with us on the comment section. Happy camping!

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Image Source: Flickr