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How to Drive Safely Around Children

Learning how to drive safely around children requires that you consider the unpredictable nature of kids, which usually means slowing down and paying more attention to the road. Consider some basic ways to reduce your chances of hitting a child while driving.


1.Obey the speed limit in school zones. Though this limit may seem excessively low when you do not see any children, small kids can hide easily or make sudden movements. For this reason, speeding tickets in school zones can be particularly costly.
2.Do not pass a school bus that has stopped and put out its stop sign.Children will be exiting the bus at that time, and may dart in front of your car unexpectedly. Be cautious driving near children even after the bus leaves since you do not know their next move.
3.Pay special attention to your speed in areas where children often hang out, such as near schools and parks.
4.Be vigilant during times when children are most likely to be outside. This is typically before and after school, and also during the day on weekends, holidays and summer vacation.
5.Keep an eye out for children darting around residential neighborhoods.Kids often play outside after school.
6.Turn the corners of your neighborhood slowly since children often like to play on the street in front of their homes.
7.Back out of your driveway slowly. Kids may be either walking or playing behind your vehicle.
8.Drive carefully along streets that are lined with parked cars.
9.Be careful when driving along streets with no sidewalks. Children may find it hard to keep from entering the road in such a situation.
10.Keep your eyes on the road when you drive around children. Looking away to change the radio station is enough time for you to hit a child with your
Give younger children, who may walk more slowly, plenty of time to cross at pedestrian crossings.