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What to do when you’re In a Car Accident

In case you're included in a mishap, first verify nobody in the car is harmed. Next, keep an eye on the travelers in the other vehicle; or, if important, make sure that no walkers are harmed.

At that point, consider these five things:

1. "Stay at the scene. Leaving can result in additional violations or fines.
2. Call 911 or the police as soon as possible. They'll dispatch medical personnel and a police officer immediately to the scene of the accident. Wait for the police to complete an accident report.
3. If you're on a busy highway, stay inside the car and wait for the police or an ambulance. It's dangerous if passengers stand along a busy street.
4. Don't get into an argument or a fight with the other driver. Simply exchange contact and insurance information. If possible, also get the name and phone numbers of witnesses.
5. Call your insurance provider to report the claim. Your agent will ask you to send any paperwork you receive regarding the accident and will give you instructions as to where you can get your car fixed".

It’s so important to follow the above things to consider cause it would still for the safeness of all.

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